What can I do with this salvaged laptop LCD panel?

So I pulled apart a non-working laptop from the 90s a while back, and while (being a computer nerd) I made great use of other components, I don't know how to use this LCD panel. I know the basics of computer hardware, but there really isn't a standard application for this LCD panel in my basket of stuff.

The exact model is a 13.3" Samsung LT133X7-124 pulled from an old Sony VAIO laptop. It has a 1024x768 max resolution (not bad). Only the panel (intact), no wires for the most part or case. Bare screen, as seen in the pic.

I was thinking of making a digital wall picture frame or digital clock, but most all of the existing DIYs or Instructables list an actual, complete monitor as the display component.

Thus, I'm hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction with this hopeful project,

Picture of What can I do with this salvaged laptop LCD panel?
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karnuvap7 years ago
It looks like you still have the cold cathode wiring still there and so you could try putting 5v into this to see if you can get it to light up - then you can use the light-pipe and white backing to make a basic light-box for tracing and other drawing-type uses.

Next you could peel off the polaroid material from the front of the LCD and use it to see the stress lines in certain clear plastics such as acrylic CD jewel cases. Just hold the jewel case in front of a working LCD and then view it through your newly recovered sheet of polariser material. Amazing light show will result.

But - as for using it as a screen for a photo frame - forget it.
skilla21n4 years ago
Hi, have you made good use of your lcd panel LT133X7-124?
not as yet nothing jumps out and says use me here!
Maybe you can think about the lcd controller board with USB input like this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121137901663&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT ,
Just trade it off with some store dealing with old laptop parts..... it can fetch you around $30
jockwe7 years ago
it is possible, but its not easy. take a look at the ic tfp401a from texas instruments. its a converter from a dvi signal to lcd timing and color signal. you probably have a lvds reciever ic on the lcd panel, you can connect the tfp401a output to the lcd after the lvds reciever, leaving the lvds reciever out of the signal path.
i have managed to do this, but i only got like 3 green colors connected and then my lcd panel broke... (they are easy to break...)
BobS7 years ago
Can't tell you how to start it up without the laptop, but apart from the glass LCD screen itself, there are some interesting optical components, which I used to make a light panel:
thumbBike (trailer) panel light from LCD monitor
louey7 years ago
Unfortunately, to be honest, there isn't much you can do with a bare panel in terms of a DIY project. Most laptop panels are quite complex to use and require specialized circuitry to drive it, unless you are able to build or find the documentation and components required to use that panel there isn't much it's good for. Most photo frame/clock projects use a complete working laptop so that you can just run a program on the laptop to cycle through pictures or act as a clock.