What can I extract magnesium metal from at home?

Are there any household items that contain magnesium metal?

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tongpu6 years ago
or Outdoor World, REI, Army surplus stores, most outdoor supplies.
They're called magnesium lighters
great stuff.
take it to a file or grinder but DO NOT have ANY open flame or even a spark.
let's put it this way, it lights thermite & can burn under water.
have fun though
Berkin (author)  tongpu6 years ago
Actually, I already found something quite common - pencil sharpeners! Thanks for the advice, though.
Pencil sharpeners. Please expand on that!
Berkin (author)  Re-design6 years ago
That's what Google is for.
Never mind. I spend enough time on google trying to answer other people's questions. I'm not going to go wasting time chasing an answer you found already in reference to the original question.


tongpu tongpu6 years ago
a Dremel(or any small rotary tool) works well too, sense you can adjust the rpm's(low)
tongpu tongpu6 years ago
I've also heard you can go to the pick & pull to get or VW engine parts made completely of magnesium but I could be completely wrong. I'm too tired to google it.
omnibot tongpu6 years ago
Only the cylinders are mag. The block is aluminium.
ekirkegaard4 years ago
your mom has it
trf6 years ago
I more or less figured i was wrong on the magnesium on the supplement but i knew that those starters have it. Its a small keychain shaped rectangular thing that looks like a peice of steel. Couple bucks in camping section of walmart
Prfesser6 years ago
There are very few home items that contain metallic magnesium. Magnesium supplements do not contain magnesium metal, they contain magnesium compounds, which are as different from metallic magnesium as chalk and cheese. You might try probing the local junkyard. In particular, some old water heaters have a magnesium anode that was used to minimize corrosion. The cheapest way...in the long run...is to buy the magnesium in the form you want, from a pyrotechnic supply house or from eBay. Yes, it's going to run about $20 a pound or so. But consider what several hours of your time is worth. Prfesser
trf6 years ago
Well depending on how much you need...i KNOW they make fire starters that u take a knife and scratch 1 side and then take the edge of the knife and strike the flint..the stuff u scratch is magneisum..they sell it at walmart..its a little keychain in the outdoors camping section...if u can use magnesium with other small impurities go to the pharmacy section and get magnesium supplments.