What can I make?

I bought a soldering iron today.

If you can, please give me some links to some cool Ibles, in which you have to solder stuff, such as a calculator prank, but not that.

Thanks, HD.

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how about solder art?
Tom Buckey7 years ago
Like everyone else is saying Soldering art. also you could build a scaled down version of something.
qwerty9877 years ago
qwerty9877 years ago
stain glass is fun but u need a lot of colored glass
stale567 years ago

Solder art would be cool.
How about a lamp?

Maybe have a solder/K'nex 'Ible.

So it could be a metal box that you soldered, and then have the shuffler mechanism on the inside!

TheChemiker7 years ago
A box out of pennies.