What can I make from felt that is...

a)not a bag or purse, b) that is actually useful and c) a worthy present for a friend or partner?!!?

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landmanhall8 years ago
A huge cowboy hat! Then make a rodeo belt buckle from an old Caddilac hub cap. Ye haw!!! I did see a modern rendition of a "bowler" hat that was pretty cool. Post an instructable too!!!!
jtobako8 years ago
Nice slippers.
You can make anything from felt that you can make from fabric.

From the phrasing, I'm figuring that the felt will be craft store quality, so options become more limited : )
ChrysN8 years ago
Here are a few instructables using felt; heating pad, a cool pencil case, a brooch, beverage coozie, a flower headband, or a friend.