What can I make out of a hospital gurney?

I have an old hospital/ER gurney similar to the one pictured minus the padding. Originally I planned to scrap it but it is just to nice. It has a very easy/smooth hydraulic lift and lower mechanism (non electrical) and it can be angled either direction (head up or down). The wheels are large and sturdy and can be locked. I hate to just scrap this when I know someone more creative than I can think of a way to convert the hydraulics into something cool/useful. Just to clarify: you use your foot to pump up the bed and press another foot pedal to lower it.
Thanks for any help!!

Picture of What can I make out of a hospital gurney?
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Re-design4 years ago
These make VERY nice adjustable height work benches. I tried to find one when I built my bench but could not, so I built a conventional bench.
those tables can hold over 350#, you could probably use it to hold engine blocks or something
mole14 years ago
A mobile variable height workbench?
caarntedd mole14 years ago
I'd build a sofa, which I can convert into the "back row" when we were watching movies. The kids can have seats in the front row, we jack the sofa up,. and sit behind them.
caarntedd4 years ago
I'd be using it for a bed.
Kiteman4 years ago
Weird sofa?

Race it through the streets, wearing medical costumes, raising money for charity?

Soapbox derby entrant?
frollard4 years ago
It would make a great gurney :D