What can I make with IKEA slatboards?

I found these on the street, but beach wood color, perfect condition wood, any ideas?http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60160217

Z..8 years ago
I found two louvered wardrobe panels on the street. I am using them outside, having mounted them on a wall, I use them to hang all my garden tools on. That's one option for you. You could paint it a vibrant colour and use it as a wall sculpture. It would be possible to use it as a backing for a garden climbing plant.
somehow hang it out from the wall a little bit and then use it as a shoe rack for your shoes.
Z..8 years ago
It always gives a little buzz to get best answer. Thank-you!
frollard8 years ago
All I can think is a trebuchet.