What can I use as a speaker for my Ipod?

I need a pretty loud speaker for my I-pod classic. As you probably noticed, money is tight lately and I do not have 30 dollars to spend on a special I-pod speaker. It does not need to be a radio, clock, etc. All I want is a speaker. Does anyone know if I could use a computer speaker or something else? Thanks!

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iamdan8 years ago
Walgreens and Tj-Maxx has some really good speakers for around $5 (battery operated)
robotkid2498 years ago
You can make one out of a foam plate, some wire, and a strong magnet?
Get the iPod iTower...just simple speakers that sound great.
squirt85008 years ago
I used a computer speaker for an amp for my ipod, and it worked great. I picked one up at Goodwill for about $5.
ChrysN8 years ago
Have you checked out this.