What can I use to artistically burn wood, without a soldering iron?

I need to write something in wood, but instead of writing, I want to actually burn it in. Buuut I lost my soldering iron, what could I use?

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iPodGuy8 years ago
Magnifying glass and a sunny day.
There's a good reason why this kind of thing was called "poker work", long before it was called pyrography !

Burf8 years ago
I used to make small branding irons out of wire coat hangers, heat them over a gas kitchen range and burn them into wood planks.
You can bend the wire into various shapes and heat them with a torch.
jtp139 Burf8 years ago
i second that, i also used paper clips as well and hold them with pliers
Re-design8 years ago
You can probably get a wood burning set for $10.  The tips they have are much better suited to writing than a soldering iron.
Jayefuu8 years ago
You could buy a really cheap soldering iron just for pyrography...... that way there's no risk of you messing up the tip on your good one when you find it :D
Probably you could get pretty good results with a hobby knife and a propane torch. You'd have to reheat a lot, but you could get some really nice lines.
seandogue8 years ago
A red hot poker!

(or a hot knife) (or a hot screwdriver)...they don't have to be "red" hot, but definitely not just warm.