What can I use to remove surface rust from woodworking machines? Specifically, a wood planer, drill press, belt sander .

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0000 steel wool and naval jelly, available at west marine. Simple green works fine, but get some kind of oil onto the cast iron parts after you wipe em off. I use a touch of lithium grease...
Naval jelly works really well but no one warned me that it smells really bad.
marvduck8 years ago
Muratic acid, the kind used to clean brick, will clean rust off metal nicely. But do not use on aluminum!
The latest Chelant based rust removers. They are non hazardous and safe to use since they don't contain acids or alkalis. If you purchase a concentrated version, it will save you a great deal on shipping.
Redrockers8 years ago
use a dremell!
brandegor8 years ago
WD 40 can really gum things up even though it works. At the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, very very fine wet/dry sandpaper over a sanding block is used - no water, obviously. It doesn't take a lot of elbow grease. Rinse off the rust particles every so often with mineral spirits. Then wax with paste wax - this is great not only from inhibiting further rust but wood moves over the metal really well. If the rust is deep and the metal is pitted, a brass wire brush works, too. Hope this helps.
Spint8 years ago
WD40 and some elbow grease has always worked best for me.
zieak8 years ago
CLR does a decent job of removing surface rust. It is available at most hardware and grocery stores. CLR stands for Calcium, Lime, Rust if i recall.