What can I use to shield cellphone radio waves/ frequencies?

I always put my cellphone in my right pocket, only the right pocket, keys and wallet go on the left.
I noticed awhile back that my leg sometimes twitches.

So now I was wondering if I can line my pocket with something that will shield the radio waves from my leg.

What would work?

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You might want to try something different.  Try putting the cell phone somewhere different for a while.  Get yourself a belt clip or put the phone in your jacket pocket for a few weeks.  See if that makes a difference.  If it doesn't help and the issue really bothers you, see a doctor.

There hasn't been a single documented and verified case of radio waves from cellular telephones causing any such symptoms in the human body.  Not one.

Your cell phone likely only emits any radiation when you're actively using it, and in most cases that's when it isn't in your pocket.  Finally, your body is most likely bombarded constantly by radiation from cellular, TV, FM, AM, the Earth, the Sun, and numerous other sources, both artificial and natural.  The tiny amount of energy that your phone emits is virtually nothing compared to that.

No, it's not the radiation from your cell phone causing your symptoms, but simply having the bulk in your pocket could be the cause.  If the phone frequently presses into your leg it could block a blood vessel or compress a nerve, either of which can cause the symptoms you have.  It could also be completely psychological or an ordinary nervous twitch.

You have nothing to worry about, and best of luck.
Koosie (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox7 years ago
Thanks, this makes me feel much better.
Pressing on my leg (sciatic nerve that Burf said) makes sense.  I don't wear tight clothes but working behind a desk means a lot of sitting.

The cellphone signals do have effects on EEG (sleep alpha waves, concentration beta waves etc) ref from: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/ <"This was a completely unexpected finding," Horne told me. "We didn't suspect any effect on EEG [after switching off the phone]. We were interested in studying the effect of mobile phone signals on sleep itself." But it quickly became obvious to Horne and colleagues in preparing for the sleep-research experiments that some of the test subjects had difficulty falling asleep.>

legburn5 years ago
i was at a carboot sale when my phone vibrated in my right leg pocket.
i put my hand in my pocket, only to discover i had left my phone in the car. speaking out aloud i said to my friend what i had just done.
he said "yeh that happens to me too" then one bloke behind the table said
"that happens to me as well" and his mate with him said "and me".
since that day, i put it in my other pocket with my wallet containing tin foil
the size of a tenner between phone and leg.
i get aches and pains and often burning sensations where i used to have my phone . SCARY OR WHAT.
RedRock7 years ago
in case it in lead
Re-design7 years ago
Lining your pocket with foil etc. might do more harm than good unless it is grounded to the earth.  Metal near an antenna often acts like a concentrator focusing the wave.  So the wave that goes out in all directions might be pulled toward your "shield" and re-radiated toward you.  It would have to be studied to find out what would happen.
framistan7 years ago
It is faulty logic to say radio waves from or TO your cellphone caused the twitches in your leg. I have worked in electronics and around radiowaves and large electrical equipment for more than 30 years.... and your question makes me laugh.  You may have some medical problem such as parkinsons or something... or  you are just getting OLDER.  I notice my EYELID may twitch when in a stressfull situation. I know it is just because I am older... or stress... or possible first symptom of parkinsons????  You may want to mention the twitching to your doctor next time you visit him.
Koosie (author)  framistan7 years ago
I get what you're saying and I also get the stressfull eyelid twitch now and then but it does worry me.

To what extent do we understand the effects of all these different "waves" on us humans. 

I did mention it to my doctor and he also chuckled at me :-)
lemonie7 years ago
Metal. Cut a soda-can, wash & dry.
Or turn it off, or don't carry it in your pocket, or convince yourself that it's not radio-waves making your leg twitch.

Koosie (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I'm gonna try that, open a few up and chuck it in.  Best way to see if it works.
Burf7 years ago
If you keep it in your hip pocket, I'd bet a dollar to a door knob that the twitching is caused by the cell putting pressure on your sciatic nerve when you are sitting.
Move the phone to a different pocket for a couple of weeks and see if that doesn't help.
As for radio waves from the phone causing your problem, nope, that ain't it, for the reasons stated by others in this thread.