What can be a good instructables name for this ible?

I will tell you about how to convert, format, manage, de-encrypt, and add the files to your USB stick so that you can make it an Multi-Gaming console!

You will be able to play GBA games, NDS games, SNES games, Gamecube games and more!

So what would be a good name for this Multi-Gaming console for you computer on a USB stick?

I will be pleased to give a patch to the best answer!

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Kiteman6 years ago
You need a name that describes what it is, to help search engines find it.

I would go with something like Make a multi-system video game emulator from a USB stick, and make sure that similar words are int eh keywords, along with a list of all the systems it can run.
vishalapr (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
ok...Im still collecting the materials, taking pics etc...but I think you are right that the title should describe the project...
iceng6 years ago


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kevinhannan6 years ago

rolls off the tongue!
Burf6 years ago
Deep Fried Games on a Stick (USB)
vishalapr (author)  Burf6 years ago
Ok...will just wait for some more names!