What can be added to a 555 Timer output to increase the overall current output?

Since the max output current rating of the NE555 output is 200ma. I would like to increase the current to around 1000ma or 1 amp. I need to drive around 70 LEDs in an on/off (80 on/20 off) duty cycle. Minimal components. Needs to be small.

n9t88 years ago
Hi, my suggestion regarding your project is you can use a relay to drive LEDS and use 555 as driver circuit. If you are using transformer of 12v 1 amps, then its well and good. If you use relay you can achieve the same output in whatever mode 555 is in - either astable , monostable or bistable.
If you already have the 555 timer circuit made, Look for a MOSFET that can carry that amount of current, you might wanna get a 2 amp one or it will be running too hot. Connect the gate pin of the MOSFET to the output of the 555 timer, connect the MOSFETs source pin to ground, connect the load (LED's) between the MOSFETs drain pin and the circuits positive
keydogstony (author) 8 years ago
Oh, BTW, it's a 12v supply.
Phil B8 years ago
Could you use the 555 timer to switch a power transistor on and off and control the 70 LEDs with the power transistor?