What can be done with an old worn out shoe, some disposable razor blades and/or lots of rubber bands?

Old worn out shoe- anything that might be practical or artistic. Rubber bands, disposable razors or any other household items as well. Thanks

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Z..8 years ago
I saw this a couple of days ago on a craft show: For the shoe; fill it with plaster of paris, and smear this liberally on the outside. While that is still damp, add some decoration of your choice eg., glitter/gem stones/-or whatever. Leave it to get rock solid, and use it as a doorstop. A pair can be use as book-ends. They looked really great!
kAtKiD8 years ago
cut a hole in the shoe, glue some rubber bands down and launch razor blades from your shoe
lemonie8 years ago
Some kind of shoe-of-death springs to my mind, or a scary-shaving-system... L
Yeah, that's what came to my mind too. I imagined some kind of a mace made of the shoe with razor blades. Then I thought the rubber bands could be a hrope to hold it. Of course be careful, because it will come back at you when thrown due to the rubber bands.
Can you (like me) imagine going to a barbers for a professional shave, the guy lathers you, strops the boots, says "sit very still", and starts kicking at your face? (experienced martial artist style)

Oh God, I was scared enough the first (and only) time I got a regular shave from a barber.
Yes, you got that image I think. L
Z..8 years ago
Addition: they arranged the laces across the shoe,-when it set hard it looked, as you younger ones say......,really cool!!
This question worries me.
bounty10128 years ago
Send it to Mcgyver! XD he will know what to do with it.