What can i do with a Old TV?

The picture is very blurry, and you have to mess with controls in order to read text, and mess with them again to watch your movie. it is heavy, and i don't want to take it apart.

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lemonie8 years ago
If it's no good for the design purpose: take it apart. There are some useful electronic bits in there. However, do be careful, search this site for "CRT" before picking up a screwdriver.
Or give it away to someone who does want to take it apart.

Agreed.  You can also donate or recycle it.
I've been pulling electronics apart for years, Radio-Shack? Maplin? no need...

I fear the number of toolboxes you must have.
Screwdriver, soldering iron... I do have a few tools though.

So what's your organizational scheme like?

I pull things apart, have ideas, then look at what I have. Currently making a TV into a (basic) oscilloscope for developing a power-supply, I'm using lots of old TV / Hi-Fi bits.

Marsh8 years ago
I bet it'd make a pretty good boat anchor.

But assuming you don't have a boat, and you don't want to take it apart for parts, and you don't want to leave it on the doorstep of one of your enemies, then I have to defer Lemonie:  give it away, free to a good (or bad) home. 
make it implode