What can i do with a big bag full of walnut shells? Need cheap, crafty, kid friendly ideas.

I also have to keep them away from a small dog. So it has to be something where it can be placed high enough the dog cannot reach. thanks.

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Take spray paint to them in different colors and have your kids glue them to cardboard (or something sturdy) and make a picture.
chefmichel8 years ago
With a small stick , wood glue and a piece of paper, make a mini-sailboat flotilla.
Drop them in a bathtub.
Add kids & soap.

lemonie8 years ago
blkhawk8 years ago
If you crush them they could be used as mulch around flowers or veggies.
Burf8 years ago
Crush them and use them as a cleaning media in a rock tumbler or ball mill.
Take half a walnut shell, some green paint, and foam.  Paint the walnut shell green, cut out turtle limbs (head, arms, legs, tail) and glue them on with glue. And you have little turtles!
Jayefuu8 years ago
Turn them upside down, glue cocktail sticks with sails into them and sail them on your pond? Teeny tiny sailing ships!
Kiteman8 years ago
Glue the shells back to together.

Glue on googly eyes.

You now have a load of pocket pets.