What can i do with an old fujitsu siemens liteline laptop?

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lemonie7 years ago

What can't you do with it - is it "bust"?

SharonLovesCB (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Its not broke.. its still working like it did in 2000.
Sell it or use it. The bits aren't going to be worth more than either.

Re-design7 years ago
You can:
Toss it
Give it
Donate it
Fix it
Play it
Store it
Sell it
Ignore it
Shoot it
Dump it
Beat it
Burn it
Spload it
Erase it
Mash it
Crash it
Trash it
Saw it

What did I miss?
kcls7 years ago
Use the parts! Possibly make a NES PC?