What can i do with beer bottle caps other than noise-related projects?

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beadydani8 years ago
You can make jewelry with the caps - that is what I plan to do with mine. See instructionables on bottlecap earrings.

The above link is one of my favorites, but there are many artistic uses for these.

-Chess and checkers pieces are easy projects, which lend themselves to some creativity and competition between two favorite brands. You could even use parts of the cartons to make the game board.

-You can hammer them into nearly any softwood fairly easily. How that helps you is up to you. I hammered one into my cane to replace a knocked-off logo badge.

Do you have a lot?
Wow this idea takes me back to my childhood.
I covered a small table with bottle caps and sealed the entire tabletop with clear coat resin. Check out my instructable!

Gorfram8 years ago
Use them as stress-spreading "washers" when nailing into wood that splits easily or is otherwise somewhat fragile. "Pave" an area of hard-packed dirt by pressing them into it side by side, flat and with the teeth pointing down. I've seen places in rural Mexico where all the bars were marked by an informal "doorstep" of bottle caps customers had dropped over the years. Or glue them to a piece of wood and make a bottle cap magnetboard to put next to your wine bottle cork corkboard :).
jsvanriet8 years ago
in college we kinda drank A LOT..... For some reason we decided to make some beer bottle top wallpaper. Take your top and put the smooth part against a smooth wall and rubb really fast and with a decent amount of pressure. (Same thing you do to a baloon to get it to stick to the wall. Repeat this step about 300,000 times and you will have a very unique and textured wallpaper.....
nhanha8 years ago
An anti-fly bead curtain! I saw one ages ago, at my grandfather's. You need a lot of caps, and some cords as long as you want your curtain to be. Just put the cord across the cap, and bend it in half trapping the cord inside. Repeat a thousand times, and voila!
beer bottle top fridge magnets!!! they are really simple to make you just glue a small magnet on the inside of one. but you have to make sure the magnet sits higher than the ret of the beer bottle cap!!!
1. Nail several to a board and use as a fish de-scaler. 2. Paint some black and some red and use for checkers. 3. Mark letters on insides of caps and make pieces for a scrabble game. 4 Mark numbers on insides and make bingo (beergo) pieces.