What can i make a frame for a dune buggy out of?

I am 17 and i am building a 2 seater dune buggy meant for offroad. Not for heavy offroading likes jumps but able to keep up with regular trails. I have acess to a decent amount of tools like a mig welder. How ever i dont have a tubing bender and i do not know enough to build my own frame from scratch. Does anyone know what i can build a dune buggy based off? So far ive heard using a golf cart frame and an old volkswagon beetle type 1 frame are the best. I am trying to keep costs low so i cant afford to order a kit. Any ideas?

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hoodsup6 years ago
the best thing to do is watch a few videos and use a old scrap hatchback for parts and build the frame out of tubular steel if you still dont know enough so you are confident enough to do it you can look for some buggy plans to download to your computer then you should have all you need to start. There's actually not much to it. Hope this helped you
ANDY!8 years ago
I think a metal bath tub would be so cool upsidedown with holes.
Stew28 years ago
Doing some googling around and found a site where a fellow is making a lifted all terrain golf cart... Its kinda cool! :) http://www.geocities.com/customezgo/ Is that something like what you were thinking of?
trf (author)  Stew28 years ago
somewhat but not really...im outfitting it with 2 seats,really good suspension,good engine,rollcage.basically a dune buggy lol
trf (author)  trf8 years ago
i wanna be sitting IN it not on it like a four wheeler lol...engine behind me and made for some good offroad
Stew28 years ago
I have seen a few buggies based on the old VW's, even had a baja bug myself when I was younger. They make good buggies, but the only problem is that they dont really have a frame per se... More of a pan really. I think it is called a monoque frame? I might have spelt that wrong so don't quote me please. Round tubing makes the best frame but requires considerable skill in bending and fitting it etc. Off roading is hard on machines as well, lots of bumps and jarring impacts. You could try square tubing, it's easier to fit up than round. If I was going to build one, I would try to find an unfinished one for cheap and then finish it up yourself, sometimes you can get a good deal if someone has had it laying around for a long time because they lost interest in it. In any case, I wish you luck with it :)
trf (author)  Stew28 years ago
thank you so much! I was thinking about trying the round tubing frame from an old golf kart lol.