What can i use to make a leading edge for a hang glider?

   When i say leading edge i mean a long piece of material to hold the leading edge in shape. I dont know how to mold somthing so big and i dont know what i could use that would be strong, lightweight, ridged, and reasonably cheep. ( The material has to be able to hold a curve shape. )

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_nicos7 years ago
Assuming it's for a hang glider, my strong suggestion would be to use a leading edge from a hang glider — used parts are cheap if you can find them. The leading edge is normally made from aviation aluminium. Another (even better) suggestion is to NOT FLY A HANG GLIDER unless you are properly trained. Good luck!
Re-design7 years ago
The leading edge of most hang gliders is just the structural aluminum tube of the frame.  A pocket is sewn in the covering and then wrapped around the front tube.

Why don't you join this yahoo forum for hang gliders and get better answers from people who actually do this as a hobby?
onrust7 years ago
I made a nice kite out of a dog food bag. I found it to be incredibly strong material.
aar0nc0le (author)  onrust7 years ago
Does anyone know how i could make the dog food bags more ridged?
I did sew it together. would a double layer help?
Brennn107 years ago
It would take quite a few sachets of this stuff, but you could look in to: Sugru