What car should I take on a trip around the world, and how should I fit it out?

In a few years, me and two of my friends are planning to do a round-trip of the world, entirely by car and boat, we want to ship the car from Iceland to the UK, and drive from there to Japan, sounds strange, but it is possible, through some sort of witchcraft involving "Tickets" and "Ferries". The car itself can't be too expensive, but if we're talking about a car that must be expensive, all ideas are welcome :)

Oh, and you can view a map of our route here: http://img638.imageshachttp//img638.imageshack.us/img638/109/themap2.pngk.us/img638/109/themap2.png

We'll likely be skipping Alaska and taking South America instead, and we have yet to fathom how hard it is to drive in Greenland. (We'll learn by driving in Iceland.)

Ideas about tents and so forth are welcome, and many thanks in advance :)

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Kiteman7 years ago
Landrover, with roll-bars, "roo bars", winches (front & rear) and a snorkel.
  • Spare wheels, jerry cans for water & fuel.
  • Tool kit, jump-leads.
  • Sleeping bags - three-season, at least.
  • Tents - you must have a separate fly sheet, and preferably the ability to pitch "fly first".
  • Mosquito netting.
  • Water purification.
  • Before you go, get immunised against... everything.
  • Malaria tablets.
  • Solar / wind-up chargers for all your batteries, spare batteies, spare memory cards.
  • Shovels.
  • Equipment to dig yourselves out of snow / soft earth / sand.
  • Machetes, saws etc for getting through undergrowth.
  • Torches.

Basically, think of as many problems that could stop your expedition in its tracks, decide whether it is preventable, then work out how to prevent it.
Sounds like you've done this before.  Or at least planned it!

And Don't forget your American Express.

And US dollars!  Wonderful for lubricating passage in certain situations (such as when my father got arrested for his taxi-driver's mistake.  They had no genuine grounds to hold him, but they kept asking to check his passport until they mysteriously found $$$ in it, which mysteriously disappeared.

(All the time they were shaking down the foreign white man, through the wall came the screams of the driver's questioning.)
I wonder if the screams were real or if he was in on it and got a commission.
The bruises were real...
Spares for Landie ? Steering boxes, clutch and half shafts are favourites. There's some debate whether Diesel or Petrol landies are  better.
Diesels are more reliable, and less susceptible to bad weather, more likely to survive underwater etc.

However, the authors need to research the availability of each fuel along their route.
That fuel availability's the thing - petrol is more available, but its very volatile in hot sections of the journey.  Diesels need more specialist kit to fix 'em.

That said, give me the old V8 any day.
Maybe we ought to convince them to cycle the whole way?

KFJ (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Well, cycling 40,000 miles is a bit far, and we're all a bit lazy, and we know a lot of car wizards that could help us out with the kit you listed, and of course we'll be travelling with a lot of diesel, because the diesel is cheaper than petrol in Iceland, and we have Arctic Trucks, which we will somehow try to convince to get to sponsor us, Again, through witchcraft and subtle silvertongued trickery :P
Arano7 years ago
don't forget to have some wooden boards with you... you will love them if you get stuck in any soft ground... and learn how to survive in the wilderness; you know: fishing, how to find water, what to eat ...
Bartboy7 years ago
Ok, my suggestion on a panzer tank was kind of stupid.
But you can still buy a tank...
Less than 50,000$!

....at 4 gallons to the mile.....


...yes, for diesel.....A very big one....
A sailboat.
Bartboy7 years ago
I suggest a panzer tank, but that might be a bit out of your price range.