What causes road damage?

What causes road damage looking for links to .gov sites for prof.

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lemonie7 years ago
That was the modern surface until someone thought to add tar.
The spray & stone sounds like "surface dressing", around me it just scuffs off the tar-mac and looks crappy again...

afridave7 years ago
Around here it is mainly caused by heavy vehicles ,and more so by overloaded and incorrectly loaded heavy vehicles.There are laws pertaining to overloading which do not only apply to the total load of the vehicle but also include such concepts as weight per axle and load distribution..
We also get very very short but heavy thunderstorms in which huge volumes of water fall very quickly, This causes lots of potholes,and once repaired these potholes are continually washed open again by the water volumes.
lemonie7 years ago

I work opposite a nice McAdamised car-park.

lemonie7 years ago

What is the mechanism?
I'd always thought salt was more of a rusting problem.
(local salt-storage shed, it's big)

Ice will destroy roads. heavy traffic, 18-weelers, and tire chains (that's why they are illegal in most states) also do considerable damage.
The Lord Humungus causes road damage. 
Kiteman7 years ago
What causes road damage to what?
lemonie7 years ago

It's mainly weathering and traffic. You can argue "poor construction and maintenance" but they are not causes.

kelseymh7 years ago
Too many people driving around instead of doing their homework.
blkhawk7 years ago
Roads become damaged by many reasons: sinkholes, freezing and thawing cycles season after season, heavy vehicles, erosion, and the effect of acid rain. I believe that searching a government webpage for proof is your homework.
+1. Google it for yourself; you can find it as easily as we can (and if not, you need more practice.)