What comment engine does instructables use?

I like the way it manages comments. It is sort of like an inline forum. Is it made by the instructables team? Is is propriety? Is it open source? Is there something similar?

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kelseymh7 years ago
In the Text Formatting I'ble, we wrote:

The text formatting codes ("IblesFormatting") used on Instructables is a subset of WikiFormatting.

The I'bles staff started with the open source WikiFormatting engine, and customized it in-house. The major missing pieces are
  • raw HTML
  • tables
  • arbitrary embedded images
and support for entities is pretty buggy.
Thanks kelsey- I never know it wasn't from scratch.
frollard7 years ago
it's homebrew by the awesome people here at ibles - the site was made from scratch practically.
munchman (author)  frollard7 years ago
Know of anything similar?
munchman (author)  munchman7 years ago
(Oh, and I agree with the awesomeness comment)