What company makes quality Aviator sunglasses?

I am looking to purchase a quality pair of Aviators. Does anyone know of a reliable, quality brand? My budget is anywhere from cheap to around $100. Thanks!

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Wasagi6 years ago
Ray-Ban made the original, and theirs are the standard, they have varying sizes, I believe they're anywhere from $90 to $120, but you can probably find them from cheaper elsewhere on the internet.
acidbass7 years ago
timberland and any millitary surplus should have them
AndyGadget8 years ago
For driving, I've found nothing to beatEagle Eyes. The lenses on these kill glare and improve contrast incredibly well.
However the build quality isn't as good as some. I just use them in the car and am after functionality rather than fashion.
dudeguy12348 years ago
I got a really good pair from a street vendor in New York for seven or eight bucks.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
There is the classic Bausch and Lomb but I think there are so many "designer" sunglasses out there. Why don't you just pick up a cool pair of mirrored eye protectors from Home Depot. They are pretty fashionable compared to the razor style triathalon racing styes and a whole lot cheaper. Browse through military surplus catalogues like Ranger Joe's to see something you like. Good luck.