What crocheted applique would make a great earflap for a crocheted hat?

Ok so I am making this cool hat and I want to have earflaps like the pattern here, But alas I am a guy and I can't use hearts! I am looking for a simple applique pattern that would look really cool for earflaps, I wanted a dinosaur but I could not find any patterns. Any help would be great!


ChrysN7 years ago

This dragon looks great, but it may no cover your ears well.  How about Pacman.  Or a spider.  You can try something like a monkey or a dog face, or even a skull if you can find a pattern for it.
onrust7 years ago
So, by "here" do you mean registration trap?
kemper (author)  onrust7 years ago
Haha sorry, I forgot that you had to sign up to look at the hat design, I fixed the link (I hope) so you can get a better idea. anyway I will post the image
onrust kemper7 years ago
Thanks. Thats a very cool hat.