What do I do with a Virtual Patch? Is there a Virtual Vest I could get somewhere, that I could virtually sew it to?

kelseymh7 years ago
You sit in front of your screen, with your I'bles profile displayed, and rub your hands together while cackling maniacally.
robotguy47 years ago
Hmmmmm... This gives me an idea...
Bigev7 years ago
No, but you could get a picture of a virtual patch, make a real patch, and sew it onto a real vest.
then you could take a picture of said event and have a virtual picture of a real vest with a real patch based on a virtual patch.
Hahaha! *snerk* ha...
frollard Bigev7 years ago
you could carry a laptop with an image of the patch...and thrust it in the faces of all you encounter.