What do Woman really want?

A question that has been asked from the beginning of time, Do they realy know what they want? If they don't even know how should men know?

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jester_51237 years ago
watch the movie, people!!!!!!!! no, idk, man... im sure it varies from woman to woman, but id agree with ANNA ROX for the most part. its a pretty vague ?though, so noone can answer very good, i dont think.
Z..8 years ago
Respect. The rest follows.

For both genders.
orksecurity Z..8 years ago

Do you (the querant) know what you want? Assume others are at least equally self-aware.

If you want to know what a specific individual wants, learn to listen.
Best answer!
komecake8 years ago
 Chocolate... duh.
anna rox8 years ago
love, truth, respect, freedom and happiness
lemonie8 years ago
Bartboy lemonie8 years ago
And Justin Bieber
jtobako8 years ago
What do MEN want?

If you can't answer for your own gender, what hope have you of finding the 'truth' for a different one?
Gorfram8 years ago
According to Arthurian legend, the power to make their own decisions about important matters in their own lives.

According to Greta Garbo, the priviledge of being left alone if and when they so chose.

According to Joan Baez, "bread," in the metaphorical sense of security and sustenance; and "roses," in the metaphorical sense of love and pleasure.

According to Aretha Franklin, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," and for you to "Find out what it means to me."

According to me, when my BF asked if I wished he were as good-looking as his brother (who is really only slightly better-looking), "You are warm and kind and attentive and thoughtful, and you always treat me decently. With all that on your side, it wouldn't matter to me if you looked like a troll."

(His - joking - response: "What! - You think I look like a troll???!!!"
My - joking - reply: "You're too tall to be a troll."
We've been together 13 years now.)

Re-design8 years ago
They want their men to be better.  If you achieve that then they want you better still.