What do you recommend as a home DVD player for the next decade ?

Last night our Panasonic DVD QUIT just as we wanted to play Swiss-Family-Robinson for the grand kids.
So we had that Yamaha 6 platter player that first lost its VF display and later the player quit too the only reason its still shelved is its the audio drive for speakers installed around the room..
What is a bullet proof player with easy to use control and HDMI output in your opinion

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Kiteman3 years ago

We use a Samsung Blu-Ray player, two years old, no problems yet.

iceng (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

"Two years old" is good !I Does your Blu-Ray player also play DVDs ??

Kiteman iceng3 years ago

Yes, it does.

iceng (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Great Thanks

iceng (author) 3 years ago

Thanks everyone for all the assistance but we have been surpassed by my wife who purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray player at Walmart yesterday $89 while cleverly avoiding the extra cost of the HDMI cable which was salvaged from the Panasonic carcass.

BTW the TV is a recent Samsung too.

Then my high tech daughter installed it and taught her mother how to use it as a surprise for me :)

Now, someone needs to teach me.

bwrussell3 years ago

A computer with a good internet connection and HDMI Out.

The future is digital, not physical. In this case you can also have a DVD player in the computer to bridge until everything is digital.

iceng (author)  bwrussell3 years ago

This is probably the way to go, although I do enjoy skipping through a menu on the main screen from my couch. Mill ill look into a dedicated Raspberry Pi to the job.

bwrussell iceng3 years ago

That's not a problem, they make remotes for media PCs. Possibly better, you can use your phone these days. There are wifi based apps like ROCCAT's Power Grid and it's VLC plug-in or the Galaxy S5 actually has an IR blaster built in.

iceng (author)  bwrussell3 years ago

Ill Look into it today !

iceng (author)  iceng3 years ago


JM1999 iceng3 years ago

The day after...

rickharris3 years ago

probably not useful information but mine in the UK is a Humax very good - I also have a PVR of theirs.

Vyger3 years ago

I have a refurbished Sony that has be used once in a while that still works. However my daughter has a new Sony model that didn't even last a year and the DVD laser has died in it. It still plays BlueRay but not DVD's.

I don't think there is such a thing as bullet proof anymore. Even Mythbusters had to clarify that they use bullet RESISTANT glass because there is no such thing as bullet proof.

I have a very old and pretty expensive Pioneer tuner/amplifier that still works perfectly. But they don't make stuff like it anymore. Now its just cheap as they can make it and when it breaks you throw it out and get something new. I would not expect to get something that lasts for 10 years. Instead buy a player for $60 and hope it works for a few years.

Does your VCR still work? I hear people advertising to buy them because they find old family tapes and can't play them anywhere.

The Thing to get would be a deck that can play VCR tapes and DVD's and converts them to BlueRay. I am still not much into the Blue Ray thing. I find DVD quality to be just fine for a rented movie and I don't have a monster TV anyway.

iceng (author)  Vyger3 years ago

Different Laser frequencies or focusing between BlueRay and DVD's ?

I have a working Beta, what do you think it would it bring ?

JM19993 years ago

No way, your Panasonic quit?!?

As soon as I aw the question I thought "I will recommend Panasonic!" obviously that brand does not hold up as well as I thought!

iceng (author)  JM19993 years ago

It was a Player / Recorder that did last for 5 years and lost the settings every power-out. If the manufacturers don't want to put in a memory. I would enjoy a USB flash drive to hold schedules. Thanks for letting me vent :)