What do you recommend for wire connectors / clamps for making a Nitinol shape-setting fixture?

I'm weaving Nitinol wire so I have a square piece of plywood with the shape that I'm weaving around placed in the center and the bundle of .7mm Nitinol wire is emanating also from the center.  For clamps I used speaker posts that have hand-rotatable post "screw-collars" and are gold-plated.  However they're really hard to work with and to mount.  They're great because they also have a high-current screw-in wire junction in the back.  

Anyway, what alternatives can you think of while requiring a hand-turnable release and clamp of the Nitinol wires (so plain terminal blocks won't work unless you also found a screw with a handle that fits).  There will be about 20-100 small wires used in the bundle to weave the shape.  And the board is about 30cm sq. at the moment so more likely there will be only 20, in order to fit the wire clamps unless you know of a micro method, such as: copper tubes and "nails", which might work now that I think of it...

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daniel.donnelly.549 (author) 3 years ago

Thanks all for your comments. I'll bookmark and refer back to here if it troubles me still in a week. I'll also post some neat instructables in the future.

Look at "Wago" clamp connectors - they're push button connectors.

I need large handles that stick out. So a weaver can easily access them. For instance the head of a nail, see above comments. Those Wago's look like you need a small flat head to undo them.

Depends, there are lever versions like this


Crimps and then a standard block type electrical connector - Crimp in one end and the nail in the other.

rickharris3 years ago

A crimp tool will help you a lot.