What do you thank of war good bad or........?

I whant to o what you thank.

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JimFlo8 years ago
War is necessary. People who believe war does not solve anything really need to study history. People who are not willing to fight are ALWAYS, in the long run, either dead or the servants of those who are willing to fight. Peace, like communism, looks really good on paper but will never work in the real world as humans have true genetic/physical drives to dominate. All animals do to some extent. War on the individual level sucks bad. I have been there and done that. War on the societal level is usually necessary "for the greater good". BTW, war and "armed response" are NOT the same thing.
I hate war, and longing for a peaceful world.
paganwonder8 years ago
Armed response RARELY makes things better but it is the simplest answer to a gut reaction (as in- "my neighbor has offended me therefore I will hit him in the face" )

However, avoiding war (armed response)  requires careful attention to detail, delicate negotiation, compromise, understanding, compassion, consideration of another's point of view, tolerance of differences, etc,  etc...

War is usually the result of some one wanting power over another.

Warriors get killed and maimed in horrific ways - so do innocent civilians.  (Anyone willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the innocents is a HERO - no questions asked).

I'm going to go with- "War is bad".
orksecurity8 years ago
Isn't this obvious? "War bad. Ugh." The problem is that sometimes there really is no better answer.

The only debatable point is where to draw that line.
killing people is wrong when you think of that person dieing being you. but when we are being threatened we need to fight back or the dieing person will be you. its needed but is cruel.
i would rather just stick to playing call of duty.