What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I dont really know yet, but i was wondering if anyone else around the 16-18 age range did ?

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Somebody that works at Instructables. An astronomer. A scientist. An engineer. An egg!
And this really goes into the forums, not answers, because there's no best answer for this.
Don't argue,you got the best answer.
Plasmana Derin6 years ago
  • yea it is more of a forum. and you're not inquiring anything
=SMART= (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
lool egg, it is a question though :S
schumi234 years ago
Some type of engineer.
EpicZombie6 years ago
a professional athlete or a job on instructables
bounty10126 years ago
An Engineer, Architect, Musician, The President, Government Official, Marine Sharpshooter, Pilot. Any of these are my considerations :P
hungyhipo 26 years ago
a marine

FrozenStar6 years ago
I'm thinking engineering or theoretical physics
Some type of engineer.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
well Im studing electonics at GCSE the Im doing robotics at A-level
Mech Engineer! Indy Filmmaker Special FX technician
The Jamalam7 years ago
a principal or a catepillar
whats the difference......hehehehehehehehehehe....
PKTraceur7 years ago
Someone who works with electronical equipment, government security ( I hear they have some pretty cool toys!) or otherwise... a hobbyist. -PKT
my dad works at the department of defnse! you need a secret code just to get into the bathroom im not making it up i promise!
Plasmana7 years ago
An electronic engineer, I guess...
me too
eather that or a pro longboarder forget my username...........
Good choice! Me too!
Marine biologist instructables moderator no job and live underground no job and live in a submurged house.... engineer (should come after instructables moder)
smilee6 years ago
i hope you dont mean a playboy bunny...... i love monkeys
modernman7 years ago
Not really the answer you're looking for but when I was 9 I decided I was going to try to be an astronaut and my second choice was to be Spider-Man
my little bro wants to be SM too he's 5
walkthewalk7 years ago
=SMART= (author)  walkthewalk6 years ago
haha awesome
bounty10126 years ago
Kiteman XD
dollardude6 years ago
''An Architect''
A landmine!! *if i die, im taking you with me!!*
Atomman7 years ago
Graphic Designer... You get payed a lot...
DrWeird1177 years ago
Being already mature(over 18), I'd say...A cowboy. Yeah.
hmmmm... mature lol
jeff-o7 years ago
I'm already "grown up" and I still don't know...
ChrysN jeff-o7 years ago
I was thinking the same thing!