What does SU means at the beginning of a transistor code?

I have a SU165 transistor ,if you have any information about it please tell me.

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I have found one, count 'em, one, reference for this particular transistor. Look at Radiomuseum.org to see it. All other links were for RFQ's (request for quote) at suppliers.

From the site above: "NPN silicon planar epitaxial transistor for horizontal deflection stages." and "Tube type: Transistor Power-supply ". Style is TO-3.

There is more information available there, but you must join and pay a one time $25 admin fee.

Maybe this will jog someone's memory.

Good luck,
theVader75 (author)  Quercus austrina6 years ago
thanks you helped me very much
theVader75 (author) 6 years ago
yes I know the other naming conventions but that's why I asked this question.
I have about 4 of these transistors and I don't know how to use them
It can be a manufacturer's identity, or it can be just a number, like the 2N series.

yokozuna6 years ago
Unfortunately, there are several naming conventions for transistors, and this doesn't appear to fall within the main three. You can read more about it here.