What does V+ represent on this schematic?


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Magnus VII6 years ago
V+ represents the positive power supply that you need to apply to the OpAmps. The voltage level will depend on with OpAmp (operational amplifier) you use.
Joe426 (author)  Magnus VII6 years ago
So...Could it just be the 12v which the rest of the circuit runs on?
vishalapr6 years ago
V+ or Vcc usually represents Voltage on schematics...
Gnd is ground (-) adn Vcc is Postitive Voltage (+)

If you want to learn more about schematic symbols go to :

Hope this helps!
seandogue6 years ago
In this case, it probably means +12V, since it's acting as the reference for a virtual ground circuit for the 12V driven system. They either forgot to label it +12V or meant for it to use a 12V reference-voltage source.