What does balleen mean in referance to Right Whale craft.?

iceng2 years ago
Balleen is the filter  the whale uses to catch schools of fish in its
huge mouth ( keep the  fish drain the water )

During the whaling era these whales were the wright ( RIGHT ) whales
to hunt and kill as opposed to the other species of wrong whales .

lemonie iceng2 years ago
I thought that whales ate larvae / krill, small-things whatever... (not fish). Sperm-whales eat squid, Orca eat seals etc, do any whales eat fish?

iceng lemonie2 years ago
Sure small swarms of fish.

lemonie iceng2 years ago
I've been educated, thank you.

lemonie2 years ago
Why are you asking this question on a DIY site?

Kiteman2 years ago
Balleen is what these whales have instead of teeth - it hangs in sheets around the front of the jaw, filtering food from the mouthfuls of water they take in.

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