What does "half eight" mean?

I was watching one of the Lewis mysteries last night and they kept saying "half eight or half eleven".  Is that half before or half after the hour?

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Re-design (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Thanks, I knew you or L would answer this.
L33R6 years ago
Half Eight = 8:30

Its half past the hour so

Half Seven = 7:30

Half Six = 6:30

and so on....

A quarter to nine = 8:45

A quarter past Nine = 9:15

Get it!
Obi-Wahn7 years ago
Technically, it's both.

But in fact it's 30 min before the hour.
half eight is 7:30
half eleven is 10:30

(at least in Austria)
Hi! I'm from England and can assure you that "half eight" means half an hour PAST eight. Therefor half eleven is half an hour past eleven.
Well, at least in Germany and Austria (I live there), with the term "half eight" it's 7:30 meant.

So I assume it's the same for America and England/UK, but as far as my english lessons go, I'm used to "half past eight" which means 8:30.

IMHO the term "half eight" isn't use in US/UK, is it?!?
lemonie7 years ago

I would have said "half (past) eight" meaning 8:30.
You know French-people say "a half to- ?"

Re-design (author)  lemonie7 years ago
We say " a quarter of " or "a quarter to".
paulcauchon7 years ago
silly people!

half eight is four and half eleven is five and a half!