What does it means when you had a dream about a guy you love texted you that he has already a girlfriend?

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gmoon4 years ago
I wouldn't ask any of these (us) guys about anything love related...
Re-design4 years ago
It means that you're going to do well on your math test, IF you study hard, and nothing else.
Vyger4 years ago
My cats dream about killing things, doesn't mean they are serial killers, just good hunters.
caarntedd Vyger4 years ago
You know what your cats dream about?
Vyger caarntedd4 years ago
Since it is their area of expertise and what their lives are mostly centered around its a pretty safe guess that when all the twitching and whisker vibrating are going on that is what they are dreaming about. Also, one in particular makes funny noises (hard to describe, something like this.) when she sees a bird close up and is stalking it. It is the only time she ever does it except when she is also dreaming and makes the same sound. I assume its for the same reason.
caarntedd Vyger4 years ago
iceng4 years ago
You dreamed he texted you ?

Or you dreamed about him. Then awake sent him a text and
he texted you that he already has a girlfriend ?

mole14 years ago
Generally, I think dreams are just the brain getting rid of electric charges. Rarely, I think they can be one part of your mind trying to tell another part about something it is ignoring.

In either case, dreams are you telling stories to you. Like fiction, they can entertain, amaze, or just give you a chance to experience your ideas and feelings in a safe way. At most they can tell you how you feel about whatever. Outside of your head, they don't mean anything.
framistan4 years ago
I find dreams are OFTEN subjects of things you are worried about during the day or just before going to sleep. It is just something on your mind -- so it doesn't have any mystical meaning.
caarntedd4 years ago
Not a thing.
rickharris4 years ago
It means you had a dream! That's all.
Vyger4 years ago
What does it mean when you dream your eating a giant marshmallow and when you wake up you can't find your pillow?
frollard4 years ago
It means you were thinking of him before you went to bed....as blkhawk says; don't fret about it.

...dreams are dreams...

what he said
blkhawk4 years ago
It does not mean anything. Do not give it too much thought.