What does it take to get featured?

What does getting featured mean and how do I get featured?

canucksgirl5 years ago
When staff members look at new instructables, they make a decision on whether or not an instructable stands out more than others, and therefor deserves to be "featured". Being featured, puts your instructable under "editors picks" in the section you published it to. If your instructable is really good, it may be chosen for display on the home page. If they think its really, really, really good, they'll put it in the emailed newsletter.

In case you're still wondering why that's important, then consider why you bother to post an instructable in the first place. You want people to see it, and comment etc, and the MAJOR BONUS of being featured, is that you get awarded with FREE PRO MEMBERSHIP.

I hope that helps.
bwrussell5 years ago
Take a look at the Instructables that are featured. Being featured means the instructables staff thinks your instructable is a cut above the rest, both in presentation ( pictures, clear write up, etc) and content ( originality, mass appeal, wow factor, etc).
kelseymh5 years ago