What does steampunk mean ?

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iceng6 years ago
Steampunk grows large at night.  .  .  .  A
vexzen6 years ago
Steampunk means so many things to so many people. To me, it's a chance to imagine Oscar Wilde in the Wilde West coming along with me in a dirigible and taking tea on the steam powered rail. It's punk, in it's anti Empirical, airship pirate, high flying, science driven, cog wielding, Tesla loving, non conformist attitude. It's when you imagine yourself as Capt. Nemo or Sherlock Holmes solving a case using both alchemical potions and the DNA helix mixed together my a Swami from India and his African love goddess. Yes.. My steampunk is all about imagination and letting it run wild in a world where we are told to conform and to fit in and to buy the next IPAD and never ever remake or reinvent the wheel.
seandogue6 years ago
It's a fancy world where you don't really need to understand anything, and ultra-complimucated devices can be made with little more than a buxom chick in a bodice, some wrought iron, a RealSpechulCrystal(tm), and a crappy, third rate Hollywood writer or two. Oh, and a few dozen aging hipsters thrown in to market the hype and sell fad items. IE, it's folly for the idle overpaid.

Admittedly, some steam punk items are pretty, but that's all window dressing. There is no real steam punk aside from a few examples that the "movement" can use to promote it's false legitimacy as anything other than a fashion movement.
lemonie6 years ago
What is this Wikipedia thing..?

iceng6 years ago
As a Burner what Steampunk means to me is a parallel world where steam is the power source of this worlds cruder capabilities where brass glass and
leather is the material of the era..This means gears intricately performing 
over top, overly larger, strong bizarre looking, Real Steam mutant vehicles,