What does the one time charge of $49.95 get me?

Premium membership says 49.95/2 years one time payment, exactly what does that mean?

Premium membership allows you to download PDF versions of any Instructable with some customisable options. It will also allow you to use the site without seeing any ads and gives you access to all the Instructables Classes, which are really worthwhile!

You can also earn free premium membership by posting good quality Instructables. Featured I'bles and contest winners are rewarded with free premium membership for 3 months to 1 year at a time.

iceng2 months ago

It also lets you down load PDF copies of any ible that you want for two years..

Vyger2 months ago

It means that after 2 years it expires. Just like chocolate. You buy it, keep it in the wrapper for 2 years and then you eat it and it is gone.

Kodiak_MI (author)  Vyger2 months ago
so you're saying a two year membership is $49.95, right?