What electric appliance or tool motor would be best to power an adult trike powered by a battery?

jbaker226 years ago
Electric mower, the dc motors would be cheap at a junkyard.
rickharris6 years ago
Your going to need at least 250 watts up to 500+watts depending on how fast you expect to go.

Most approaches by amateurs go for a DC motor 24 volt or 48 volt and a suitable pack of car batteries to power it.

Although PWM control isn't necessary it has some advantages.
Most electrical appliance and tool motors run off AC power at 120-240V so if you want to use a electrical appliance and tool motor you will also need an inverter.

Past that there are a lot of different appliances and tools with large motors, washing machines, driers, cement mixers, drill presses, lathes but it all depends on how powerful you want it and how big your battery is.

Using an AC motor with a store bought inverter I don't think you will have speed control without using a gear box as well.