What fun stuff can we do with a garage door torsion spring?

Recently, I received a 10 foot section of new overhead door garage door torsion spring.
It looks like the picture below (but mine is spring only - does not have the mounts on the ends).
What fun stuff can we do with this spring? 

Picture of What fun stuff can we do with a garage door torsion spring?
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frollard5 years ago
I've wanted to use one as a storage spring on a 2-person 4-wheel bicycle. While stopped you could keep pedaling to store up energy - and a clutch could release the stored energy on the 'output' side of the spring to a cog on the drive wheels :) explosive acceleration :)
jbaker225 years ago
I saw somebody power a bike with it on tv redneck rocket scientists.
onrust5 years ago
Whatever you do......run video!
Kiteman onrust5 years ago

I would be tempted to build a multi-directional catapult.

Hammer a stake into firm ground, so that the bit sticking up is about 1/3 length of the spring.

Put the spring on the stake.

Make another pole or bar, also about 3 feet long, with a cup on the end.

Drop that into the top of the spring, put ammunition in the cup and pull back.

bobzjr (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Maybe we could make a moustrap for an elephant! This would be the Drew Carey model.
Pink Elephant.jpgmousetrap.jpg
bobzjr (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
It sounds like you would end up with a mechanism that somewhat resembles the picture below. Of course there's no horse... But if I have idea correct you could just pull the spring in any of the 360 degree spots and "shoot" in that manner...

From your description, it sounded like more than the "ammunition" would go flying. How would you avoid the cup and the bar from flying out also?

horse spring rider.png