What fuzz pedal can do Fuzz Face and Tonebender?

I'm about to get my first fuzz pedal and I was wondering if there are any pedals that can do  a Fuzz Face sound and a Tonebender sound. I know the Barber Trifecta is pretty versatile and can definitely produce a Tonebender sound but can it produce any Fuzz Face sounds? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Re-design6 years ago
Did you ever find what you're looking for?

adamgillies (author)  Re-design6 years ago
I found one that's kinda close, it's better at the Fuzz Face than the Tonebender. It's the Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady. It's got a switch that controls the bass, one setting sounds like a Fuzz Face and the other sounds kind of like a Fuzz Face-Tonebender cross.