What graphic card is best for me ??

I have a Dell vostro 230 slim tower computer.
It has 3 GB of RAM and Intel pentium dual core processor.
I have windows 7 ultimate 64bit operating system.
                       << video type>>
integrated        :           integrated on system board
                                      intel GMA X4500
discrete            :           PCI-E x16 half height graphics card

                     <<video memory>>
integrated        :          up to 512 MB shared video memory 
                                     (with 1 GB system memory)
discrete            :          nvidia geforce g310-512 mb
                                     nvidia geforce gt220

but i want a 2GB GRAPHICS CARD

Sparkle  NVIDIA Geforce gt 440 2gb ddr 3 is best for me?

I am a gaming addict and so want to install a graphic card on my PC.
games : gta 4, alan wake , nfs run
I've never tried it before so please suggest a graphic card which will be best for me and how much it will cost.
Thanks in advance......

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Those slim line systems are not made for gaming. It should be able to support just about any slim line card you can find. That is if the system has an open PCI-e slot which i'm sure it does.

This one will fit your needs
aravind r p (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
i changed my question ...... read it again .....please...
Doesn't change the answer. The card i linked to will still fit your needs and the price is there in the link.
aravind r p (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
NVIDIAGeforce gt520 2gb ddr 3 is better than NVIDIAGeforce gt440 2gb ddr3???????????????????
I would avoid the 520 posted because it only has a 64-bit memory interface and a middle of the road clock speed. I would also watch out for the Sparkle brand you posted, lots of people complaining about dead and dying fans.
Don't get too caught up in the memory size of your GPU. Clock speed and memory interface are more important because they determine how fast the card is. A ton of space means nothing if it's too slow to use it.
Case in point, I have 2x 3 year old 512 MB cards in SLI (which contrary to what some people think does not mean I have 1 GB of memory, it means they run almost twice as fast as a single card) and I can play any current gen game on medium or often higher settings.

Head over to Tom's Hardware and do some research before you buy. Also make sure to read the Newegg reviews on a product before you buy, these are generally very helpful.
aravind r p (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
clock speed means?........which is the best clock speed?
How fast the processor is. Like how a 2 GHz CPU is better than a 1 GHz one. The higher the better.
aravind r p (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
what are the playable games in Sparkle NVIDIA Geforce gt 440 2gb ddr 3?
There's no way for me to know that without testing. Go to tomshardware.com. I linked it earlier, they test these cards.

Also you should seriously consider getting more ram. 3Gb is not really enough for windows 7 and current generation gaming.
Yes the 520 is better then the 420. But if your worried about performance then don't get so hung up on the amount of memory it has. Often times a card with 1Gb of RAM can outperform a card with 2Gb of RAM. Besides almost no game needs 2Gb of RAM. In some cases 2Gb can be helpful but no more so then 1Gb.
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aravind r p (author)  rickharris5 years ago
i changed my question ...... read it again .....please...