What gun should I make next?

I want to make an assault rifle or sub machine gun that many people want. I don't want the gun to be a popular one. Please help.

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TheDunkis8 years ago
I take it he means nothing like M4 Carbines, AK47s, or MP5s all of which have been overdone. SMGS Sten M3 "grease gun" MP7 Original Uzi ARs M1 Carbine. Not technically an assault rifle but pretty close. G36 XM8 FN2000
gtrain (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Furloy8 years ago
 throughout the entire internet, there are no good instructions for a mag fed real looking desert(yum) eagle.
gtrain (author)  Furloy8 years ago
hmm..maybe i will make one, thanks for the idea!
first of all why don't you want to make a popular gun? it increases your status in the community, but a few good guns to make could be: AK 103 Steyr AUG PP19 yeah so look up those guns an see if you would be able to make them, I think the PP19 would be best as I dont think one has been posted, or you could just make a gun that you designed
gtrain (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
actually don't build A PP19 I want to
gtrain (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
gtrain (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago


chopstx8 years ago
Please make an MP5. i have been dying to build a good one! And with you making it, I'm sure I'll like it!
aj01-018 years ago
what about....
FN-FAL rifle
M114 Assault Rifle
M30 Assault Rifle

Here is a pic of the M90 and the FN-FAL
cj814998 years ago
1 wrd fnp90
~KGB~8 years ago
gtrain (author)  ~KGB~8 years ago
i'm makin a XM8
~KGB~ gtrain8 years ago
chopstx8 years ago
How about a MP5? With a retractable stock? With a good range, that would be awesome!