What happened to the Featured banner on instructables icons?

Hey, I haven't been as active in instructables as I used to be, but what happened to that "featured" banner that showed if that if your instructable was featured.

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Re-design7 years ago
Well they were there yesterday. They still are there on your "you" page so I don't think they've been abandoned entirely.

It looks like they've rearranged the front page again so they must have rolled out another "upgrade?".  Hopefully it's just a bug and they'll tweak it back in soon.
kcls Re-design7 years ago
Where do you see featured banner on the "You" page?
Re-design kcls7 years ago
Sorry, go to you then click on "instructables" to see the list of what you've published.
kcls Re-design7 years ago
I do miss the featured banner on member pages. I want to know which instructables got featured, not a percentage. For example, 2 of my instructables got featured, but if you look at my member page, you have no idea which ones. (It was the hat and the contest ones)
dkfa (author)  kcls7 years ago
Yeah I know right? I have the Air freshener and Cover Letter.