What happened to the newsletter?

I really enjoyed the newsletter, then quit receiving it. What happened? I still get emails about the people I'm following but I liked seeing some of the new stuff without having to hunt for it through the main page.

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lbuser1 year ago

What did you do to the Instructables Newsletter and why? There are no longer any links on the emailed newsletter, including the "See All Featured" "Customize Feed" or "Browse Contests" buttons at the bottom. When I click the header it takes me to the main webpage but none of the Editors Picks are there (the ones featured on the email). I am so sad you felt you needed to make this change. Being able to click on the Editors picks was an enjoyable way to get around your site. Now I find I am seldom popping over. Please add the links back - or at lease make an "Editors Picks" page that the email can link to that has the featured links on it.

rickharris4 years ago
I still get it
bobs51 (author)  iceng4 years ago

I just re-signed up for the newsletter. Will see what happens
Kiteman4 years ago
Send an email to support@instructables.com and ask them to check into it.

Make sure you include the email address you want the newsletter to go to.