What happened when we wrapped cooper wire on the magnet and pass current to the coil?

Is this increase power of magnet or not?

iceng3 years ago

Each individual wire segment with a DC current has a small rotary flux around it.

When wires are stacked as in an electromagnet things happen;

First adjacent wire round flux horizontal left and right opposing flux vectors cancel out.

Second and most important the vertical flux vectors ADD or multiply by the number of wire wound turns producing what you call the power of the electro-magnet !!!!

iceng iceng3 years ago

Detail of how magnetic flux [ represented by vectors ] cancels between adjacent magnet wires and adds increasing flux by the number of wire wound turns to form an electro-magnet .

Kiteman3 years ago


Or no.

It depends which way your current is flowing - you may strengthen the magnet, or you may demagnetise it.

Vyger Kiteman3 years ago

And if they use AC and not DC they will for sure demagnatize it.