What happens if you over-power a laser?

If you take a laser (say, a 1mW pen laser pointer) and hook up a stronger battery to it (say a 9V battery as opposed to the 3V watch battery it came with), would it increase the output of the laser?

If it would, at the risk of lifespan, would it work if you strobed it?

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It will let the magic smoke escape.
+1 here...
lemonie7 years ago
You might get higher (momentary) output in a pulsed-mode, but that'd mean building a driver circuit. Since you've asked a basic question I don't think you'd want to be doing that? But if you do try reading here:


jeff-o7 years ago
You'll end its life very quickly.  The only way to get higher output is to get a higher output laser.
It will die very quickly, the "sweet spot" for operation is very narrow.
fwjs287 years ago
it would kill the lifespan, and i would assume so would strobing it.
All in all, just get a higher quality laser 
seandogue7 years ago
It will increase the heat output and either immediately or quickly burn the laser diode out.