What hard drive enclosure should i get for this hard drive?

i've got a harddrive from my dead laptop that i'd like to use as an external, but i don't know what enclosure to get.
This is the hard drive
 and i've attatched a picture of the connection.
i already bought one enclosure, but it had the wrong connector, so i really would rather not mess up again. : /
also, i know, crappy pic, sorry

Picture of What hard drive enclosure should i get for this hard drive?
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conmac8637 years ago
Like Steveastrouk said  you need a SATA case. 
Something Like this

The case in your link is for an IDE case.
try this (2.5" Sata USB 2.0 Hard Disk Drive HDD Hd Case Enclosure)in amazon.com.it's just the thing for u.costs only $5.76.think deeply and do think before u leap
What you have is a SATA hard drive, and you are trying to put it into an IDE to USB case. You need a different case.  Sorry.

Burf7 years ago
Just go to your favorite computer parts and supplies retailer and get a 2.5-Inch USB 2.0 aluminum external SATA hard drive enclosure. There are lots of them on the market and many are under $20 U.S.
cyc4015 (author)  Burf7 years ago
i already got  THIS enclosure, which seemed to meet all of my requirements, but the connection is wrong, and my HDD won't plug in. i am trying to find a more specific reccomendation, because i have not had much luck.