What ideas do you have for making forts outside?


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bzbike5 years ago
Check out kids forts, even the plastic ones.
With ideas from those, you could make finger jointed wall panes from styro or urethane sheets (insulating panels for building houses...see Home Depot) that can easily fit together to make basic boxes (rooms).

For a treehouse, build a wood base, then build the walls and roof with styro sheets.
Install a field phone, that way you can let your peeps back at HQ know if you see anything.   Also guard duty can be really boring, so talking with HQ can help keep you awake, and staying awake while on guard duty is a good thing.

Be sure to get one with a with a headset.  That way you can talk and simultaneously use your hands for other things, like for example: shooting bad guys
canucksgirl5 years ago
Tree fort. Snow fort... what kind of materials are you using?
topper off an old pickup truck
Kiteman5 years ago