What is 3d wire?

I have heard this term from an instructables member and I would like to know what gauge if any I can use to ground my tesla coil.

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iceng5 years ago
Romex 12-2 Cable is used to wire duplex outlets.

12-2 means the cable has two 12 gauge insulated wires and a third wire
that is bare copper as the safe ground terminal in the outlet.

This third wire is tied to a copper / steel rod driven 3 to 5 feet deep
into the physical ground under the house and protects our bodies from
an electrical killing surge when a toaster or hand drill short circuits the
outside metal to the hot side wire by shunting the danger to ground.

Romex 12-2.jpgDuplex Outlet.jpg
canucksgirl5 years ago
Have you considered asking the Instructables Member about the term they used? (You can go to their profile page and post a question on their "orange board", or send a PM (Private Message).
A great many older houses in the US the ground  third wire  is connected
to the neutral AC white wire.

It passes inspection and the outlet tester too !   .   .   A
WWC iceng5 years ago
Some of the old houses i grew up in had no 3rd wire, only 2 cloth covered wires.
iceng WWC5 years ago
Right on !
And after it was sold, the realtors friend wired the sockets to meet code :)
frollard5 years ago
The only things I can think of:

3d model wire-frame
3'r'd wire, as opposed to the first or second wire...typo?
3d wire website -- seems to be a blog